hi loves,

have you ever thought about how your surroundings affect you? the environment, friends, and even family can all have an effect on how your life can be. when i moved to new york, my environment changed . for instance, my commute to work in birmingham was a 5 minute car ride to work. in new york, i walk 13 minutes to the train, ride the train 20 minutes (with no delays) then catch another train for 10 minutes, and finally a 5 minute walk to work. my friends in new york live a short walk away. my friends in birmingham live a short drive away. the air in new york is polluted. the air in birmingham is pretty fresh. i could go on and on, but you get the point. surroundings effect how we live in our daily lives. i love living in nyc and living here leads me to amazing opportunities. but sometimes i do miss the convenience of hopping in my car to go to the grocery store. yes, i miss the conveniences of my southern life, but once i moved to new york my views changed, and my mind opened for the better. the moral of the story? challenge yourself to change your surroundings. it doesn’t have to be as drastic as moving to nyc, but it can mean trying a new restaurant, making a passion a full-time job, or allowing yourself to fall in love. whatever it is, make sure your views are your own, and everything else will come together.


with love,