rediscover sexy with $20 joggers

hi loves,

i know what you are thinking: sexy? joggers? she’s got to be kidding right? no, i’m pretty serious. what is more comfortable than a pair of cotton joggers? i snagged these from target a few years ago, and they’ve been my go-to for a long time. i traveled the west coast with these in 2016, moved to NYC in these, and now i’m chilling in california with the same pair of joggers. one of my favorite things about joggers, is that they are fitted so they do show a little bit of shape, but it’s in a way that still makes comfort the main priority. another cool factor, is these can be dressed up or down. i usually wear my pants with a hoodie and call it a day, but i value variety and options. adding a pair of heels, a leather jacket and accessories really takes these joggers from nighttime to happy hour with friends. click the link here to find your pair.

rediscover sexy with $20 joggers 1.jpg
rediscover sexy with $20 joggers 2.jpg