new year, better me

hi loves,

happy new year. i pray everyone had a safe and happy holidays. at the beginning of the year, i love to sit back and reflect on my wins in the previous year, and see how i can create the ideal life for myself in the new year. well, needless to say i had a number of wins in 2018. 2019 will be about growing financially and socially. these are very big themes for me. in honor of my 27th birthday on sunday, i want to share 27 things i’ve been reminded of since moving to new york:

  1. always be kind

  2. allow people to help me

  3. smile (even when i don’t feel like it)

  4. give thanks before i start my day

  5. exercise is key to a stress-free life

  6. therapy is everything

  7. spending time with love ones is important

  8. acknowledge peoples differences and try to learn from one another

  9. time is precious and should not be taken for granted

  10. respect everyone

  11. surround myself with a positive tribe

  12. work really hard to see really positive results

  13. everyday is a gift and should be treated as such

  14. always think positive

  15. give, give and give some more

  16. it’s not always about me (wow! this was a big one last year)

  17. let go of people who do not add to my life

  18. crying is okay

  19. ignore the naysayers (even though i use them for inspiration to grind harder)

  20. balance in life is key

  21. no one owes me anything

  22. don’t set expectations for others (people can and will let me down)

  23. sleep, get rest. self-care is imperative

  24. fomo (fear of missing out) is very real; it’s ok to miss a party. (or three)

  25. expect the unexpected

  26. be open to change

  27. and finally have fun!

needless to say the city life has opened my eyes so much. new york is so different from the south, and for that i am very grateful. happy birthday to me!

with love,


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