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last week i attended elaine welteroth’s book signing more than enough at inforumsf. elaine was most recently editor-in-chief of teen vogue where she in 2017 became the youngest person ever appointed editor-in-chief and in 2012 had been the first african american ever to hold the postion of beauty and health director at a condé nast publication. she currently lives in brooklyn but is from the bay area. i’m not sure if this is a term but she is definitely my “ig mentor.” i found her on ig about 4 months ago, and made a pledge to myself to meet her within a year. she is inspirational and believes in the equality of african american people. she has accomplished so much at the age of 31, and i can only hope to accomplish half of what she has.

her book, more than enough, is about being ok with who you are despite what the world has to say. so often, the world can have us check a box to conform to certain stereotypes. this struck a cord with me because it is so easy for me to try to please others instead of being my true self.

her book is on amazon and bookstores nationwide. it has helped me so far and hopefully it will help you!


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