i moved!

hi loves,

i moved to SF! my partner got a fancy smancy job at a tech company so we headed out west. i can’t believe i spent a year in NYC and now i’m a california girl. i’m so happy. i wasn’t aware of how stressed and down i was in the city. the noises, smells, and overall hustle and bustle really beat me down. but one thing about me is that i know how to make myself comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.

fast forward to today, i love my california life so far. i’ve always wanted to live in california, particularly LA. i love the weather, the people are nice and the air is so fresh. but the Bay Area is amazing. it’s more slow pace which i appreciate. it’s always sunny and warm, and the food is amazing. i can’t wait to capture my journey and share it with you all. also, i am starting a youtube soon. please be on the lookout for that. finally, i am now a full-time fashion blogger. that is what makes me most happy. i’ve been blogging for three years, and i finally have the opportunity to expand and grow my baby! please let me know what kind of content you would like to see as well.

with love,


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