how to create a blogger media kit (+ free template!)

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today, i’m sharing everything you need to know about a media kit, plus a free template to create your own! this is the number 1 way i make money from my blog. i’ve connected with song of style and landed my first jewelry collaboration with rocksbox.

what is a media kit?

a media kit is a document stating your name, contact information, and any other information a brand may find useful. this document should match your brand's aesthetic. every media kit is different, but they all include valuable information that will help you stand out to companies and brands.

do i need a media kit?

YES! if you are interested in reaching out to brands and making your coint, than i would tell you to create a media kit.

what do i need to include in my media kit?

media kits can have a ton of information, but there are a few key sections that every media kit should include:

  1. contact information - your email address is fine. it’s up to you to add a phone number or mailing address.

  2. your photo - brands and companies like to put a face to a name. make sure your photo represents who you are as a person, and a brand.

  3. short bio about your blog - include a few short sentences stating what your blog is about and your mission statement.

  4. statistics - this includes blog numbers, social media numbers, and any other numbers that will "wow" brands and companies. add your rates as well!

  5. services offered - services include sponsored posts, ambassadorships, speaking engagements, or anything else you offer.

below i’ve added my media kit as an example. check out my format, then scroll below for your free template.


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