bluehost popup

hi loves,

a few weeks ago i attended a bluehost pop-up shop in soho. bluehost is a hosting platform for blogs. i used bluehost for about 2 years before switching to squarespace and i loved it. the customer service is excellent and it is very user-friendly.

the pop up was a collection of art displays where attendees could take pics and also learn more about the product. it was good to familiarize myself with bluehost again. also this was the perfect opportunity to network and meet other bloggers.

overall the popup was entertaining and educational.

bluehost popup_eclecticmeagan2.jpg
bluehost popup_eclecticmeagan3.jpg
bluehost popup_eclecticmeagan4.jpg
bluehost popup_eclecticmeagan5.jpg
bluehost popup_eclecticmeagan6.jpg

with love,