my fall favorite trends


hi loves,

i guess you can tell that my favorite color is black lol.


i love wearing black in the fall and winter because i feel like it keeps me warm and it's a good all around color.

  1. a black jumpsuit -  i swear by a black cotton jumpsuit because they are super comfy, and you can always layer them with a sweater, top or scarf. i am currently looking for a cotton one.
  2. a wide brim hat - i love hats, especially in the winter because i don't have much hair lol. these hats are very trendy and can be transitioned into winter and possibly early spring.
  3. a mesh top - honestly, i was a bit iffy about these until i recently saw one in forever 21. i like them because you can layer it or if you are daring wear something under it like a black bra or a cami.
  4. faux leather dress - these are really hot right now! i do own a few and i like them because they are bodycon but not to a point where i am uncomfortable. i'm shopping for a midi dress like this now. i think they are perfect after 5 dresses or just another l.b.d. to add to the collection.
  5. wine colored lipstick - i personally think this is the lipstick for the fall. it is a good transition color and can serve as a pop of color.
  6. an oversize sweater - these are perfect for a casual or classy event. i like them because you can layer them with a dress, a top or it can be paired with a skirt or jeans.

what are some of your favorite fall trends?