apple cider vinegar?


hi loves,

so this post is a little different but i thought that i needed to share this with someone who may be struggling with dry scalp like me:) since i get haircuts at least once a month, my scalp has been very dry and flakey lately. i used a myriad of products to no avail. finally after researching youtube, i found something that actually works for me. every other day i do an apple cider vinegar (acv) rinse.

its super simple and super helpful. all i use is apple cider vinegar, water, tea tree oil, and a cotton ball.

i simply use an old bowl, mix it with half water and half acv. i also add a few drops of tea tree oil for added moisture, mix up the solution, and add it all over my head a few times with cotton balls. after that, i cover my head with a shower cap and let it sit for about 15-20 minutes. afterwards, i wash it out with warm water and wash and condition my hair as i normally would.

back of scalp

this helps me a great deal and even boosts my confidence knowing that i don't have a ton of flakes in my head while out with my daily routine.

hopefully this will help someone as it has me.

thanks to courtney stinson for shooting these photos and joy for making my face fabulous!