charmed at first sight

hi loves,

so i recently made a trip to charm, a vintage jewelry shop, in downtown birmingham. i have to say, if you haven't visited this boutique you are definitely missing out on one of birmingham's treats. when i first stepped in the store, i was simply amazed at all of the eclectic items i saw from funky sunglasses, to socks with marijuana on them (yes, she has it all). there is without a doubt a positive energy throughout the store that just allows you to be mellow and shop.


chatham hellmers is the fabulous owner of the vintage boutique. this is actually the third store she's owned (hence the name third times the "charm").


she hand makes a number of pieces including earrings and necklaces because "that is the funnest way." chatham explained that she gets a lot of jewelry from auctions, yard sales, and second hand stores. she hand pick the new pieces in new york.charm6

she said her most popular pieces is, " anything with crystals or tassels and long and stacking seems to be the thing right now." the prices ranges from $10 - $100 which exceptional for these type of eclectic pieces.

charm7 i was able to try this amazing turquoise statement necklace on too! i was so excited and surprised it looked fabulous with my outfit!


her advice to anyone who wishes to open their own shop is to knuckle it out. " some days you are going to have days when you're ballin and then you're going to have some days when you are sitting around picking your nose and you're just going to have to get up and windex the counter for the 75th time and just bare down because it can be really scary."


thanks to courtney stinson for these amazing photos. be sure to follow charm on instagram @charmonsecond.

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