i won!

hi guys!

i feel like i've been gone so long. i am so glad you guys are still hanging in there with me. i needed some time to regroup and focus on something that is dear to my heart which is this blog, eclecticallymeagan.

so i attended the one year anniversary of birmingham bloggers in april. well, there was a drawing and i won a hammitt crossbody  and was so excited. now i can't lie, i've never heard of the designer, but when i felt the bag, saw the inside of the bag was completely suede and saw the price tag, ($385) i knew i hit the jack pot. if you know me, then you know i'm not a big handbag person. i have a shelf full and they are literally collecting dust. however, a crossbody is a girl-on-the-go bag which i love. 063_Hammitt_Getty3.0_Blk-G

photo courtesy of hammitt.com

the details of this crossbody really caught my eye. gold is one of my favorite colors, so the fact that the bag is gold-studded just blew my mind. i love the detail of the zipper as well. there are three compartments with suede inside. the strap comes off so it can be worn as a clutch.


the designer's name on the bag is the perfect touch. most of the time, i don't wear designer bags because the name is too gaudy, however this is perfect.


be sure to check back because i will definitely be wearing this bag in posts to come.