layer with a blazer

so, finally it is warming up, but i'm still not sure whether or not it is safe to officially hang up my winter clothes just yet. during this time of the year, i try to put winter pieces with spring pieces to be on the safe side. what better way to do that then with blazers! they can be worn throughout the year with basically anything. during the next few weeks, i will show you how to layer with a blazer for different types of  casual or more upscale outfits.


this crop yellow knit blazer is perfect for any casual occasion. pair it with skinny jeans and comfortable flats and you are out of the door.



i especially like this blazer because it is still a little thick which means i am warm enough to just wear it alone.


thank you to courtney stinson for taking these photos and jojo for giving me this flawless makeup look. what are you wearing for the spring time?

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