pop up shop

a couple of weeks ago, i stumbled upon a pop up shop at pepper place. i was lucky enough to meet a man who was tailoring designer jeans on the spot. my photographer and i thought this would be the perfect place to take photos. i must admit, i was a bit shy at first because people were starring at me, but i quickly got over it.

meagan-looking-in-mirror-small meagan-profile-small meagan-looking-in-purse-small meagan-seated-smiling-small meagan-standing-on-porch-small meagan-1st-outfit-close-up-small

thanks to courtney stinson for taking these fantastic photos!

red midi dress|(can't remember sorry!)| brown trench coat| calvin klein| white and gold pumps|jessica simpson| jewelry|forever 21|black sequin purse| (can't remember sorry!)